Lucy Harvey announced as recipient of visual arts Clore Fellowship, supported by a-n

Assembly Salford for a-n, May 2018. Credit: John Lynch

The recipient of the Clore Fellowship, Visual Arts Fellowship, supported by a-n The Artists Information Company, has been announced as visual artist Lucy Harvey.

The fellowship is a bespoke professional development opportunity that seeks to develop leaders from across a wide range of cultural disciplines and sectors. Harvey is part of 25 new Fellows who will embark on the Clore Fellowship this autumn.

Known for creating sculpture, installation and public works that explore the ‘function of collection and heritage’, Harvey is also co-director of Salford-based organisation Paradise Works. Last year, she was selected for the Castlefield Gallery and a-n Artists’ International Delegation to Budapest and also programmed a-n’s Assembly Salford.

In 2016 Harvey also coordinated and curated the Place + Production programme for Rogue Artists’ Studios which marked the group’s final year at Crusader Mill.

Commenting on the impact the fellowship will have, she said: “Being awarded the Clore Fellowship is a hugely exciting opportunity to research and develop my understanding of sustainable cultural practice and step beyond the artist-led. The Fellowship will allow me to explore how we can more effectively embed artist-led spaces into our changing urban landscapes and identify what civic roles artist communities might embrace to better ensure that our value is understood beyond the sector.

“I am so excited to start! It is a real honour to have my work over the last 2 years at Paradise Works recognised, but the Fellowship is also really timely, giving me an incredible opportunity to take stock, develop my skill-set and establish how to future-proof our organisation, share this impact, and figure out how my creative practice fits into this.”

The other 24 fellows work across 11 different cultural disciplines, from solo workers to those in 200+ people organisations, and are based in six regions across the UK and eight countries around the world. It includes a range of artists, managers, producers, directors, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

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